A fluffy artist. She always draws and looks for "fluffy". She still keeps the fish "Okome-chan" that she received when she was in elementary school. At Sendai's art base "Art Inclusion", she is a mood maker who always keeps her own pace. She belongs to the inclusive idol project "Idle Inclusion" and is the center of the new song "Rainbow Curry".



Taka P

Former Self-Defense Force officer, in charge of logistic support as a fourth squad member of the retired destroyer "Yugumo". I cooked meals for 300 people every day. After leaving the Self-Defense Forces, he has gained experience in a wide range of fields including the amusement park "Yagiyama Benny Land" in Sendai. Currently, he is active as a leader in the art base "Art Inclusion Factory" in Sendai. His work is highly evaluated, and his work is widely used in posters of "Totteoki no Ongakusai 2019" and book covers.